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  • Shea Creme Shea Creme
    Quickshop Keep it simple! That was our motto when we developed our Shea... Add to Cart
    1818 Farms Shea Creme
    Regular price $14.00
  • Body Butter Body Butter
    Quickshop Body Bliss. Dip into divine moisture with our ultra-nourishing body butter. Richly... Add to Cart
    Lollia Body Butter
    Regular price $46.00
  • Dry Body Oil
    Quickshop Sheer Hydration. A classic humectant formulated with lush botanicals to nourish &... Add to Cart
    Lollia Dry Body Oil
    Regular price $53.00
  • Bubble Bath Relax
    Quickshop Tiny, luxurious bubbles chatter in this moisture-rich blend of Avocado & Olive... Add to Cart
    Lollia Bubble Bath Relax
    Regular price $50.00
  • Perfume Lollia Perfume Lollia
    Quickshop Add to Cart
    Lollia Perfume Lollia
    Regular price $73.00
  • Parfum Lollia Little Luxe Parfum Lollia Little Luxe
    Quickshop Petite & pretty, take the beauty of Imagine anywhere with this perfectly... Add to Cart
    Lollia Parfum Lollia Little Luxe
    Regular price $12.00
  • Original Boujee Body Oil Original Boujee Body Oil
    Quickshop Scented with our concentrated Original fragrance oil. Subtle pheromone oil that smells... Sold Out
    Riddle Original Boujee Body Oil
    Regular price $88.00
  • Shower Gel Shower Gel
    Quickshop Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil hydrate skin, delivering essential nutrients to smooth... Add to Cart
    Lollia Shower Gel
    Regular price $25.00
  • Handcreme Lollia Handcreme Lollia
    Quickshop Made with Aloe & Shea Butter, Lollia's hydrated hand creams are designed to absorb... Add to Cart
    Lollia Handcreme Lollia
    Regular price $29.00
  • Key Handcreme
    Quickshop Unlock the Beauty WithinIntroducing your favorite handcreme’s elegant new sidekick—the Margot Elena... Add to Cart
    Lollia Key Handcreme
    Regular price $14.00
  • Petite Handcream Petite Handcream
    Quickshop Delight in nourished and radiant skin wherever you go with this petite-sized... Add to Cart
    Lollia Petite Handcream
    Regular price $10.00
  • Grab & Go Perfume Stick Grab & Go Perfume Stick
    Quickshop Add to Cart
    Thomas Blonde Grab & Go Perfume Stick
    Regular price $26.00